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Clarksburg is located in the Northern California Central Valley and is often considered part of the larger region of Lodi. It is very similar in climate to St. Helena and Sonoma, but without the morning fog.

The Delta Breeze is the local name for a wind coming from the southwest, off the deltas of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. This wind carries with it cooler, more humid air from the Pacific Ocean. The effects of this wind are very noticeable during the summer, as this sea breeze can cool the air by more than 10 degrees.

Established in 1868, this farm has been in the same family for 6 generations.  With practices such as conscientious water management, integrating native plants, and rotating cover crop, the vineyards thrive and become a home to the local flora and fauna.  As you walk through the vineyards you will hear the rustle of old oaks lining the property and the buzzing of bees collecting pollen from the cover crop. Some techniques that are employed to grow better grapes include:

-Deficit irrigation with row-by-row management

-Shoot thinning to 1-2 shoots per position

-Seasonal leaf pulling to create dappled sunlight

-Fruit thinning to create a consistent fruit zone

-Rotating cover crops to naturally introduce nutrients into the soil​



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